VERDEE BAMBOO - COLOUR Bamboo Flooring is made of 100% solid bamboo. It has a strand woven structure as NATURE Bamboo Series, which means it is also high in density and durability. 


The Cotton flooring is finished for a smooth, soft, elegant look. It’s calm, inviting texture is further complimented with natural knots and character marks that capture the look of a classic floor.

​Stylish and affordable, bamboo can take wear and tear and is easy to maintain. Choose from a variety of natural shades or stain it any color. Perfect in rooms with heavy foot traffic and durable enough to last a long time, bamboo flooring can be refinished multiple times. This flooring features a janka rating of 3,400, more than three times harder than normal Red Oak. The durable 8 layer Klumpp coating offers a high scratch resistance while maintaining a beautiful appearance. Apart from normal nailing, Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring offers a "Drop in Click" style joint in specific color that no hardwood can do.

Strand woven bamboo flooring materials  are created by cutting Moso bamboo stalks, boiling the pieces to remove the sugars, and then drying them for a period of time. The strands are then pressed and flattened under high pressure with a low VOC adhesive. The planks are twice as hard as regular bamboo flooring and they carry various characteristics:

Environmentally Friendly — Verdee Bamboo uses 100%rapidly renewable and sustainable Moso bamboo. Verdee Bamboo Flooring does not contain CFCs emissions.

Greater Stability — Verdee Bamboo is twice as stable as solid Red Oak. It has a greater dimensional stability and is naturally more moisture-resistant. It can be installed over heating systems.
Tough & Durable — Through the strand woven technology, Verdee Bamboo becomes an extremely dense and hard material. 8-layer Klumpp coatings add protection to the flooring. It is moisture-resistant, UV-resistant, indentation-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Easy Unkeep — The superior coating is stain-resistant. Verdee Bamboo Flooring can be swept and vacuumed as required. It can be cleaned with a quality wood floor cleaner.

Stylish & Beautiful — The non-stained bamboo flooring with low-gloss finish reveals the most natural beauty of bamboo.

Easy Installation — Verdee Bamboo Flooring can be installed by gluing up, stapling or click locking.

Product Code: VCSN-0915-C12
Density : 1.15g/cm³- 1.25g/cm³
Impact : 114.7kg/cm³
Water Absorption-Expansion Ratio: 0.8%
Finishes : Matt and Semi Gloss
Coatings : 8 layers of premium Klumpp coatings
Flame Resistance : EN ISO 9239-1

色彩 · 重壓竹地板 - 棉白

SKU: VCSN-0915-C12_TC


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